6' UWB Hula Hoop Experience & Marketing Project

The task was to create a fun and memorable visual representation of what 6 feet looks like that students at the University of Washington Bothell could interact with. I had lots of ideas like creating a generic banner with a scale on it but decided to go with creating hula hoops that are 6 feet across. I chose this idea because the hula hooper would experience 6 feet in 360 degrees.


Constructing the Hula Hoops

My first task was to research and create the hula hoops. After watching several tutorials on YouTube and a trip to Home Depot I was able to create 5 hoops.


Some of the hula hoops turned out okay but some of the hoops turned out terribly. I think the only usable hula hoop is the red one. I suppose I am not a great constructor of hula hoops, but it was really fun! The first hoop I created was the blue hoop which you may notice is significantly smaller than the others. This is because I realized after making this hoop that when you stand inside the hoop there was not 6 feet in front of you. I then made the hula hoops larger to accommodate the space taken up by the hula hooper.

Project Illustrations

After I used up all of the materials and produced as many usable hula hoops as I could I switched gears to marketing. I started by creating the following in Adobe Illustrator.


24in x 36in Poster for A-Frame Sign

When more students return to campus we will get the following 24in x 36in poster that I created in Adobe Illustrator printed up and mounted to an A-frame sign to explain what the hoops are for. Additionally, the sign will remind students about wearing masks, and so on. Hula hoops will be sanitized between each use and will be placed somewhere on campus. I am really looking forward to watching the hula hoop attempts. I have seen the proof on YouTube that it is possible to hula hoop with hoops even larger than 6 feet across.


The look and feel of this poster was inspired by the following sign created by the NRPA I saw at a park. I wanted my design to be fun and friendly during these challenging times.


Motion Graphic for Social Media

Next, I created the following motion graphic in Adobe After Effects to promote the hula hoops on social media.

What I've Learned

I am still very new to AE and this is my second video created in the program. I learned to select "continously raster" to make the vector graphics scale smoothly, to use "easy ease" on keyframes to make movements appear smooth and organic, and to use the graph editor to adjust the speed of movements between keyframes.

Future Motion Graphic Improvements

The video does successfully introduce the hula hoops to the UW Bothell community. However, I would like to continue improving the video by:

  • Improving the character animation to be more seamless, lifelike, and smooth.
  • Adding a title screen.
  • Adding a voiceover.

Project Next Steps

Once campus is open again we will post this video and disclose the location of the hoops on campus. I look forward to hosting the booth at the launch of the hula hoop experience. Additionally, I plan on filming the experience and making a video about it. 

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