Intro to the Bothell Student Times Motion Graphic

The following is a motion graphic that I created to introduce the Bothell Student Times to the University of Washington Bothell community. The BS Times is a printed and virtual publication that allows students, faculty, staff, and visiting community members to stay connected with UWB's virtual and in-person opportunities. In addition, the publication keeps the UWB community “in-the-know” about available resources.

My main goals of the video were to introduce the publication, let the viewer know where they can find the virtual and printed BS Times, and how to submit a request. View the final 2-minute motion graphic below.

To view the motion graphic with subtitles, watch the video on YouTube.

This motion graphic is the third, and most recent video that I have created using Adobe After Effects. I have only recently started learning to use AE and have found that I absolutely adore bringing my illustrations from Adobe Illustrator to life. I have a very strong desire to continue to advance my skills within this program, to learn more about motion design and animation best practices, and to challenge myself as an illustrator and designer. I hope that one day I will be able to advance and create beautiful 3D renders using AE, Blender, Cinema 4D, and beyond.

Below I provide pieces from the project to show my process.

Mood Board


The Bothell Student Times is a printed and virtual publication created for Huskies by Huskies. The publication allows students, faculty, staff, and visiting community members to stay connected with virtual and in-person opportunities, as well as keep everyone “in-the-know” about available resources. Both versions of the BS Times are updated twice a month. The virtual BS times can be found on Presence at The printed flyer can be found strategically placed on display in campus restroom stalls. Campus members can have their activity or event posted in the BS Times by filling out the Google Form at Please keep the following in mind if you are planning to submit to the BS times. Groups are not guaranteed to have requests published due to limited space. Content may also be edited. Regularly scheduled club information will not be published. Please note that The publication will be posted around the 1st and 15th of each month during the school year and requests must be submitted at least 5 business days prior to the publication. Only one printed edition will be posted monthly during the summer. For any further questions please reach out to Gina at

Brainstorming Visuals

  • a new husky illustration
  • a campus visual
  • campus community image
  • community with technology? (laptops, tablets, mobile phones)
  • virtual bs times on a computer
  • a light bulb for "in-the-know"
  • a newspaper? Or a flyer would be more accurate.
  • a visual for "staying connected," maybe on zoom
  • a calendar image to represent how often the bs times is updated
  • I’d like to avoid a restroom visual even though the flyer is posted in restrooms.
  • bs times google form scrolling across the screen
  • a visual for limited space on the bs times flyer
  • a summertime image
  • email and/or questions
  • Presence (the platform for the bs times)




Use the left and right arrows on the image above to scroll through illustrations I created in Adobe Illustrator for the project.

Husky Composition Variations


Walking Husky with moving tail and ears.


Standing husky with subtle tail and ear movement.


Standing husky with pencil tucked into ear. The only movement in this composition is the subtle ear movement.

What I've Learned

I have learned a lot over the last 2-weeks that I have been working on this project. This is the first video I have created using multiple compositions and a rigged character. The following is a list of tutorials/videos that I watched and found helpful:

Future Improvements

Currently, the motion graphic does meet my original goals. It does effectively explain to the user what the BS Times is, where it can be found, and how someone can submit a request. However, I would like to continue to work on this project and improve the motion graphic in any way that I can. For example, I would like to:

  • continue to improve the walking husky composition to make it as smooth as possible.
  • if possible, I would like to revisit the script and make the verbiage flow better.
  • I would like to animate the logos at the end.
  • I would like to speed up the clipboard composition or break that up into different compositions to make the video more interesting.   |   425.417.9705

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