UW Bothell Laser Tag Mobile App Design

This app design was created on a team of two people, Alexa Agustiano and I. The idea was to design a fun realistic laser tag game that could be played with other students across campus using augmented reality. My contributions to the project:

laser tag wireframe
Usage Scenario

Steven opens the app for the first time and his team wins a game!

  1. Steven goes to school and sees a poster advertising a campus-wide laser tag game
  2. He downloads the app
  3. Steven creates an account and enters a username, uploads an image for his badge (a
    photo or graphic that represents him once a game is complete), he selects the blue team
  4. The app walks him through how to play (can be skippable) 
    Game can only be played on campus or within a 0.25 mile of campus? (GPS?)
    1. Game uses augmented reality and displays other players as a person icon in red
      or blue depending on their team choice
    2. To “tag” another player you simply tap the person image when they appear on
      your mobile device (when they are in close enough range). If you tap the screen and hit the player before the other player taps on “you,” you successfully tagged that player
    3. If you get tagged, you're out
    4. The player that tags you wins your badge (photo or graphic) as a trophy
    5. Game continues until one team (red or blue) is completely eliminated
    6. The winning team goes on a scoreboard and gets a trophy in their trophy
    7. The game restarts
  5. Steven starts the game and keeps the app open as he is walking through the halls
  6. Steven comes across another player and quickly taps his screen
  7. Steven beats the other player and earns his first badge
  8. Steven goes to class
  9. After class he is notified that all players on the opposing team have been eliminated and his team won the game.
  10. He is awarded a trophy
  11. Restart? game screen appears
App Design Mock-ups for Video

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