Salmonator Game Illustrations

Salmonator is a 2D side scrolling computer game that is set in the wilderness, targeted towards teen users. The game itself is a challenge but it also teaches players about salmon and the obstacles that they deal with on their journey upstream. By trying to avoid trash and fisherman the player will think about the problems that overfishing and littering cause not only for salmon but for the environment and other animals. This project was created by a team of four students: Yeliz Meryem Simitri (Project Manager), Duhyun Kim (Developer), Luiz Uribe Zambrano (Sound), and myself (Illustrator/Graphic Design).

My Contributions to the Project

Mood Board
User Flow Map
Main Game Asset Illustrations
Game Design Illustration Gallery

Use the left and right arrows on the image above to scroll through illustrations I created in Adobe Illustrator for the project.

Animated GIFs
Recording of Gameplay
Play The Game Here

Please note that our developer created the game for the Google Chrome browser.

What I've Learned

While working on this project I learned a lot about side-scrolling games and how to work effectively remotely within a 4-person team. I found that sketches, mock-ups, screen sharing within Zoom, Google Docs, and LucidChart are all very helpful communication tools.

Future Improvements

If I was given the opportunity to make improvements to this project I would:

  • Adjust the water illustration to be seamless/continuous.
  • Now that I have experience animating in Adobe After Effects I would create smoother animations rather than the 2-frame animations that we created from my illustrations in Godot.
  • I would love it if all of my illustrations could be integrated into the project.   |   425.417.9705

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