NWMLS Illustrations

Below is a collection of my favorite illustrations created while working at Northwest Multiple Listing Service in Kirkland, WA.

Training Tip Tuesday Videos Illustration
Training Tip Tuesday Opening Illustration-01

The training department created bi-weekly videos using GoAnimate and requested that I illustrate Roxanne, the Training Supervisor and include her in an opening scene that could be added to the beginning of each video. I created a monotone classroom to keep the attention on the video title and Roxanne. The blue window was used to draw the viewers attention to the left and the "art" on the back wall are actually marketing cards that were used to introduce different NWMLS products and services.

Payment Options Illustrations
payment options illustrations

The payment options illustrations were used within the NWMLS learning management system to let NWMLS Members know what their payment options were. They could mail in a check, pay with a credit card in person, call in a payment, pay online, or set-up an auto payment.

Learning Management System Icons
lms icon set

The custom learning management system icons were used to help Brokers see their class completion, or progress within the online class and help them navigate the user interface.

Thanksgiving Illustration
Thanksgiving Social Post

This illustration was posted on social media as a fun way to engage with the NWMLS membership during the holidays about kitchen upgrades.

Spring Showing Tip Illustration

This was one of my most shared social media posts. NWMLS's audience, real estate Brokers enjoyed sharing this with their clients, homeowners and homebuyers.

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